Monday, July 7, 2014

Filanthropy: My New Consulting Job

As of May 19, I began a one year appointment as consultant to the Players' Philanthropy Fund based in Baltimore. Below is a brief synopsis of what PFF is about! Players’ Philanthropy Fund (PPF) is a philanthropic management solution that utilizes a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to serve members of the sports industry. According to, a DAF is the most popular giving vehicle in philanthropy today. PPF enables sports industry professionals to make charitable donations globally from a DAF in a safe, easy, and cost-effective manner. PPF safeguards the financials assets under management with Brown Advisory and vets all charities before gifts are made, thereby protecting the donor’s brand and allowing him or her to focus on professional responsibilities. PPFs’ goal is to increase the number DAFs under its management to ensure its longevity and positive impact. Financial Benefits • Receive an immediate tax deduction up to 50% of adjusted gross income • Avoid capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated property (without a DAF, upwards of 20% is designated to taxes) Donors should consult with their tax advisor or legal counsel to ensure their DAF maximizes their estate plans. • Avoid estate taxes, gifts to a DAF are permanent • Grow assets in a DAF tax-free • Enjoy significantly lower fees (due to the pooled resources of all the funds) and avoid administrative burdens when compared to an individual fund or private foundation Other Benefits • PPF was created by a sport professional for sports professionals • PPF moves with you no matter where your career takes you • Additional support for event administration, oversight, promotion and help with the donors’ program partnerships is available, if needed • Donors will receive highly personalized and individualized attention • Gain exposure and be part of a team of well-respected sports industry professionals, effectively aligning you and your brand with greats in sports • Eliminate administration and documentation, PPF handles it all • Rest assured that you and your DAF are in good standing with the IRS • Maintain continuous control of and access to your DAF investment portfolio, as well as the managers at Brown Advisory. Donors may name successor beneficiaries so that the DAF can continue in perpetuity. Players’ Philanthropy Fund Contact Information: 410-825-0994 (ph) 410-825-0997 (fax) 410-490-6142 – Eleanor Shriver Magee, Consultant

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