Friday, January 9, 2015

Family & Filanthropy: Thank You Notes!

In the 21st Century, I think it is fairly safe to say that the art of hand-writing a letter is nearly all but extinct. Young people today seldom take that personal time, extra time to hand write a note of any kind for that matter. The art of hand writing a thank you note is something that was ingrained in me at an early age. I remember writing them after receiving Christmas presents, birthday gifts, graduation presents, and even after job interviews. Family and friends expected it. These days, I am not sure if that same level of expectation still exists. I have to admit on a few occasions, I have made a phone call or even sent an email of thanks but rarely do I take this path. In the world of fundraising and non-profits, I also experience the crafting of thank you or acknowledgement letters for contributions of time, talent and treasure. These letters while computer generated for the most part are also important and appreciated by the recipient. Timely acknowledgement goes a long way toward building good will and ensuring that continued support will come from that person. Now, as I juggle my philanthropic consulting business and raising a son, I am teaching him the importance of hand-writing thank you notes. I want him to grow up with the same understanding and respect for this art as I did, so that he continues the tradition as he grows older. I think his ability to write these notes will set him apart in a very positive way going forward. So, as we begin 2015, let's give thanks for all that we have! 

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