Friday, October 25, 2013

Family: Declutter Dilema

So, parents out there - what is your opinion?  Do you have a lot of toys in your child's bedroom? Or not?  I am trying to provide Timothy, my son on the Autism Spectrum, with the best chance at serenity and solitude in his bedroom but our home is not spacious nor does it have a designated play room.  At first, when we moved in February 2013, I was excited to downsize and declutter but part of that meant consolidating all of Timothy's age appropriate toys and books into one room, where his bed is. As the last six months have passed, I have wondered if the toys or distractions in his room are preventing him from getting to sleep on time and staying asleep for that matter.  One theory I have heard is that the bed room should only have a bed, books and a desk for homework.  Well, I would love to say I could make this a reality but I just do not think it is reasonable given our space constraints. It is like the adage for adults to not have a TV in the bedroom.  Hmmm...I guess I will have to just wait and see how this all plays out.  I will continue to try and declutter toys that he has outgrown from his room but for now, the toys and Timothy will sleep in the same room.

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