Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family: Remember Marion, the Sister of All Sisters

Marion, a free spirit then and an angel now!
Well, I have just spent some wonderful days with my in-laws for a wedding in San Francisco.  To top it off, I made a spur the moment trip down to Los Angeles to see my sister, Pam for a few days.  As I write this, we approach the 16th anniversary tomorrow of the passing of our beloved sister, Marion.  It's funny but Pam has called me Marion about three times since I arrived.  I like it.  Tomorrow, I think, will be one of the first times we have been together for this annual difficult reminder.  As the years have passed, it has gotten easier I guess.  I do not cry as much but still, on the inside, I wish she were here.  As an educator, I am sure she would know just how I could help Timothy during his academic journey especially with his special needs.  Today, I watched my niece take a riding lesson. She was definitely channelling the inner Marion.  After all, Marion was an accomplished equestrian.  October 23 - it's a bitter sweet day. A day where we wish she had not passed, but at the same time its the day that Marion was allowed to be at peace and not in pain.  I will feel close to Marion tomorrow as I fly east.  By the way, my Mom is flying west tomorrow for the same reason.

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