Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family: Mom Mom, Pop Pop and the B and O Railroad

Mom-Mom with her six grandchildren, love!

In June 2013, my mother in law seen above in yellow with her six grandchildren ranging in age from 9 (Timothy at the lower right) to 30 passed away after a life well lived.  I enjoyed getting to know Mom Mom and teaching Timothy about his Magee heritage (mostly Irish of course!).  His grandfather (Jack's dad) unfortunately passed away in 1986 due to injuries suffered from a car accident.  Although Timothy and I never got to meet Pop Pop, we talk about him often.  Through Jack, we passed down Pop Pop's love of trains to Timothy.  Trains have been one of Timothy's favorite toys. He has drawn them, read about them and been fortunate to travel on one last year.  Magee and Shriver ancestors both worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad so this particular railroad is very significant and important to Timothy and our families.  All aboard....

P.S. Katy, the oldest granddaughter/cousin in the middle row, 2nd from the left is getting married in October 2013.

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